Sunday, October 17, 2010

Together Again

This weekend all the Galloways congregated in Madison, WI. – the first time we were all together in too long a time. So, dear readers, you will get a break from the farm and catch up with the family.

Ed, Jack and I drove up on Friday, arriving in Madison just as Maggie got off from work at JenErh Farm. Mary was enjoying fall break from MICA by flying to Chicago to visit Jeananne, Katie and Catherine, and then by taking the bus from the Loop to Madison on Saturday afternoon.

Our Saturday morning started with café au laits at Barriques’s coffee shop, following by a stroll around the Capitol farmers’ market, lunch at the newly opened Graze on the Capitol square and then a walk up State Street to the University of Wisconsin’s campus in time to see Mary get off the bus at the Student Union. We sat out on the terrace of the Union watching the boats sail on Lake Menota and the crowds of Badger fans partake in pre-game celebrations of UW’s football game against #1-ranked Ohio State (Final score: UW 31, OS 18). Nate joined us for dinner at Lao Laan Xang, a tiny Laotian restaurant on Willy Street.

After breakfast this morning at Sardine's and a walk around Madison’s arboretum, we are now headed to Lincoln Park in Chicago to take Louisville’s DePaul girls out for a Sunday night dinner and to meet our friend Julie for a post-work nightcap. We head home tomorrow and Mary jets back to MICA on Tuesday morning.

My heart always hurts just a bit when we part. Already looking forward to Thanksgiving and being together again.

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