Saturday, October 9, 2010


I have been working hard to get rid of the "stuff" that we won't need on our farm. It was harder to do than I thought  as I tend to get attached to things, and, if I were going to get rid of it, I wanted to make sure it was going to a good home.  As we packed up our Rainbow home, we made at least a dozen trips to the Goodwill;  hauled half-empty cans of oil paint out to the hazardous waste site; donated artwork to a fundraiser for Haiti;  left a lawnmower at the curb overnight; delivered art supplies to The Cabbage Patch; and foisted a bunch of stuff off on friends and family.

I still ended up with a basement full of boxes, filled with stuff that I'm not sure we need. I kept a fair amount of furniture that I thought Maggie, Jack or Mary might need someday, although all three are exhibiting signs of not wanting extra "stuff" in their lives.  I've sold a couple of larger pieces of furniture (yellow couch and grand piano) and have a few more items that I am hoping to sell before we move again.

So when Ed mentioned that his sister Gay was having a yard sale this weekend of stuff from 96-year-old Aunt Gladys' house and that we needed to head down to Owensboro to help, I gave him a look that very clearly said, "Great, I'm glad to help, but I don't want to bring a bunch of stuff back here." I'm pretty sure he clearly understood me. Unfortunately, he wasn't the problem. I was.

Aunt Gladys supervised the yard sale.

I couldn't resist some patchwork quilts that I am sure will work perfectly on four little bunk beds.

And Aunt Gladys talked me into not one, but two, large metal trays that she convinced me would be perfect for backyard barbecues on the farm.

All Ed was planning on sneaking into his pocket was a small reading light until I joked that a metal magazine rack placed strategically in our lake would make a great fish hangout and a dolly that I found out in the shed would be helpful as we moved heavy items. So...we headed back to Louisville with a car full of stuff. Darn it!


  1. I hope you snatched a quilt for me!!

  2. I grew up with that exact same rooster tray! Love the painting of Aunt Gladys, who is the artist?

    1. The trays have worked out great. Perfect for barbecues on the back porch.

      Aunt Gladys' portrait was done by Louisville artist Shayne Hull ( He is a wonderful artist and a very nice guy.