Tuesday, October 5, 2010

After You Leave the Paved Road

 Ed asked if he could be a guest blogger. And so it goes...

The comments about how over the years we have come to cherish places at the end of the road got me thinking about the two characteristics of a true Kentuckian.

First, you’re not really a Kentuckian unless you understand this joke:

An old fellow was driving a country road and got pulled over by the state police.  The trooper noticed that he didn’t have a license on the back of his car.

Where’s your license plate,” the trooper asked.

“I ain’t got one”.

Well, let me see your driver’s license

I ain’t got one of them neither.

You got any i.d.?

The old fellow thought for a minute and asked, “About what?”

Second, you’re not a real Kentuckian unless the directions to your house have to include the phrase, “after you leave the paved road”.

Now, that's us.

And so it goes....

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  1. An excellent contribution to an excellent blog!