Thursday, October 14, 2010

Style Statement

A couple of years ago, two Canadian women published a book called Style Statement. Part workbook, part inspirational narrative, their premise was that with some soul searching every person can come up with their own style statement, a two-word compass that helps you make more confident choices in life. Carrie and Danielle (the authors) claimed Refined/Treasure and Sacred/Dramatic as their style statements. I was intrigued by their version of personal branding, but never managed to actually come up with my two-word "brand."

When trying to design our house, I was accused by sister Julie of being bi-polar. One minute I claimed I wanted our house to be smart and sophisticated and in the next breath I proclaimed that I wanted it to be simple and farmhouse-like. I struggle with "branding" our house and until I could work it out, every design decision was difficult and fraught with paradox.  Would it be spa-like or shabby chic? Would it be industrial or bohemian? Would it be contemporary or country?

I'm not sure I'm totally there yet, but I'm using the style statement: Modern Farmhouse to describe our home design. In my mind, it will be simple in design and execution, modern in layout and detail, and yet have some nostalgic elements of an old farmhouse. My test is to imagine if Aunt Gladys or Grandmommy were standing in the kitchen, would they feel at home or would they feel like they are part of some George Jetson movie set? From the layout to the outside siding to the lighting to the paint colors, I'm trying to stay true to my Modern Farmhouse. Only time will tell if I've been able to successfully execute the brand.

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