Monday, October 4, 2010

Go Outside and Play!

Ed and I spent Sunday afternoon at the farm. It was a beautiful October day, cool with a few puffy clouds in a bright blue sky.  We pulled up the drive, and all of a sudden there arose our house -- with all of the first floor and most of a second floor and roof framed. Whoa! Our house had leapt from a paper plan to a three-dimensional space. We entered the front doorway up a little makeshift gang plank and suddenly we could envision our living space. Here is where the fireplace will be and here is the kitchen with a nice big pantry. Here's our study and look at the view from the windows! Room by room we walked through the house, imagining the finished space and our lives in it.

Front of house – almost framed

Back of house – almost framed

Afterward we we walked the boundaries of the property, hacking our way through head-high brambles, stick tights, golden rod and thistle. Ed led the way, whacking away with the machete that Mary gave him for his birthday last month. It felt like we were 10-year-olds playing fort in the back fields, keeping our eye out for Indians Native Americans lurking behind the sycamore trees in the creek bottom.

It felt good to go outside and play.

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  1. Wow!!! I cannot believe thats our house. I can't wait to come play too!