Sunday, February 27, 2011

Packing Up (Again!)

It seems like just yesterday that we were packing up our Rainbow Drive house, getting ready to settle for the year in our rental "tree house." This rainy Sunday afternoon found us packing up again, this time for our move to the farm. As excited as I am about our move, I'll be sad to say goodbye to this house we have called "home" for the past 13 months.

I am secretly hoping someone I know will rent/buy this house so I will have an excuse to return for visits. So spread the word. Bill and Judy will be delighted.

Here are some photos from our time here. What you don't see in the photos are the friends and family that have shared our home, or the deer, woodchucks, and birds that share our backyard.

The house sits at the top of a road that goes nowhere else and overlooks a deep wooded hillside with a creek at the bottom.

We moved our existing furniture into the home "
and were amazed at how well it worked in the house.

We feel like we live in a treehouse.

The master bedroom has french doors that lead out to the terrace.

Al fresco dinning was a breeze on the terrace.

I'm hoping Spring will come early this year so that we can enjoy the tulip tree outside our back window.

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