Sunday, February 13, 2011

At the Train Station

We are at Penn Station in Baltimore, waiting to catch the 1:09 N.E. Regional train to Penn Station in New York City. We just said "good-bye" to Mary after a very nice Parents' Weekend visit to MICA, highlighted by a reunion dinner with Ed's friends from law school: Gerry and Karla at Woodberry Kitchen, a crab cake lunch on Saturday at the Lexington Market, a hot and spicy Indian dinner with John and Hannah at Akbar, and capped off with a lovely brunch this morning at b: a Bolton Hill bistro. Why is it that all our travel revolves around food and most of our conversation is directed at where/what our next meal will be?

Waiting at Penn Station 1

Waiting at Penn Station 2

Outside Mary's dorm

Sister and Brother

Eggs Benedict at brunch this morning

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  1. I believe an excellent time was had by all! Sad to see you go.
    Very impressed by the iPad entry!!!!!!!