Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Catching up with Friend & Artist Dudley Zopp

Earlier this year our friend Dudley Zopp sent us an email announcing a solo exhibit of her paintings at the Coleman Burke Gallery in New York City. We were impressed.

Since we were already planning to go to Baltimore in February to visit Mary at MICA, we decided it would be fun to take the train to New York, catch up with Dudley and see her exhibit. I'm so glad we did.

Dudley met us at the gallery, opening it just for us as it is normally closed on Tuesday. The space was in an old warehouse in Chelsea, a part of NYC that we had never explored. Her art looked great in the space.

Jack checked out a couple of Dudley's oils on canvas, part of her Geologics series
The pieces for this exhibit (called: Erosions, Geologics, & Terrains: The Geomantic Art of Dudley Zopp) were inspired by her ruminations on geological evolution, gleaned from long walks along the coast of Maine. Her paintings visualize what can't be seen, whether beneath the surface of the ground or over the course of time. (Okay, I picked up that language from the catalog that was printed for this exhibit, but thought it perfectly captured the intent of her art for this exhibit.)

Four paintings from Dudley's Terrains series, watercolor and graphite

We are proud owners of three of Dudley's earlier pieces -- and Maggie has one also. It has been our treat to know Dudley for a very long time and to watch her evolve as an artist.

After our private tour of her exhibit, we took a brisk walk on the High Line before checking out the Chelsea Market, a cozy bar for a beer, and then a fun communal dining experience at Pastis.

Checking out the High Line, an old rail line that has been converted to a walking path.

Dinner at a communal table
The next morning, we saw Jack off for his bus journey to Montreal.

We checked out Eataly for a sack lunch for Jack's bus trip, stopping for a gelato.

And once again, Ed and I are empty nesters...

Soaking up some sunshine.

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