Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wish list

Over Thanksgiving weekend (2009) we told the kids about our exciting plans to sell the house and move to the country.

Maggie was quite excited. She immediately offered lots support for our efforts to build a sustainable house and farm our land. Jack was nonchalant and noted that he did not wish to pack up his bedroom and would need one of us to do so for him. Mary was devastated and unleashed her unhappiness in a blog that she submitted to Apartment Therapy (Mary's Childhood Bedroom). Sixty-nine people felt her pain and posted comments.  It's a very touching remembrance of a special place. Since it appeared on Apartment Therapy, it has been picked up by hundreds of other bloggers. Obviously a subject that touched a lot of people...

I'm pleased to report that all three are now sharing our excitement about our new home.

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