Monday, September 27, 2010

In Between

We sold our Rainbow Drive house and had to quickly figure out where to live in between it and our life on the farm. I sent an email out to my Breakfast Club, a group of very resourceful women who have been meeting once a month for breakfast for 30+ years. In the email, I asked for ideas of where we could move for a year or so. One on the responses that I got back was from Ellen, who offered that her brother might be willing to lease their mother's house.

Long story short, we moved into our "in-between" house on March 1 and feel like we are living the life of Riley, or perhaps of his sophisticated counterpart. The house was designed by Ellen and Bill's mother in the early 1960s. It features an open floor plan and a beautiful terrace overlooking a woods.

Most mornings I take my bowl of cereal out onto the terrace where I watch doe and baby deer eat green leaves; woodpecker, blue jay and yellow finch flit among old trees; squirrel and woodchuck scavenge for nuts. Last week I watched a barn owl swoop down, half expecting him to deliver me a letter.

It has been a wonderful place to land – a real blessing in our lives as we pause on our way toward life on the farm.

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