Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Life Before the Farm

2946 Rainbow Drive.

That's where we lived for 17 years before deciding to buy a farm. It's the only home that our children really remember. Sometimes, when I would order items by phone, the customer service rep would comment on our address and ask if it was as nice a place to live as it sounded. Yes, it certainly was.

"Was" – that would be past tense – because this time last year, a note appeared in our front storm door asking if we would be interested in selling our home. "Yes!." "No!." "Maybe?." We were torn. Yes, we had long wished to move to the country. No, we couldn't imagine leaving our home. Or maybe this was just the nudge that we needed to make our long-wished-for move.

Back and forth our thinking would go.  Okay, we would let the interested family take a look. Okay, we would consider an offer. Okay, we would eventually accept an offer. But that's when the hard part came: how would we tell our children? And what would their reaction be?

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