Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Right Sizing

We set out to design our new house so it is "just right" for us: not too big; not too small. Ed and I had to think about how to make our house intimate for just the two of us, but welcoming to our three children and (hopefully) their families some day.

We want our home to be smarter, not larger. We want to design it to be incredibly green. We are trying to be intentional about every decision.

We thought about our open living room/kitchen and exactly how we would use it. We thought about how we might enjoy a pool table, but designed it so that it could convert to a dining table. We measured our bed so it could fit perfectly between two windows. We decided that we could share an office. We figured out how we could build a bunk room in hopes that someday it will be filled with grandchildren on sleepovers but for now can accommodate our children and friends when they come home. And we thought about our friends who we are hoping to lure out to the country and convince them to stay overnight in our guest cottage, which can double as a place for a house sitter to stay and tend the chickens and goats if we are traveling.

Here's how our first floor worked out:

And here's a look at the second floor. The two bedrooms are above the garage and the pool table room is a loft over the kitchen, looking out onto the family room.

With every design decision, we ask ourselves: is this the right size for us? I hope we are making good decisions because I want our house to be "just right."

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