Sunday, January 5, 2014

Saturday Outing

In anticipation of some very cold weather and our resulting desire to hole up here at Farm Dover, Ed and I ventured out yesterday, meeting Mary and friends – John, Stuart and Maya – in downtown Shelbyville for sandwiches at McKinley's Bread Shop & Deli and a walk-thru of one of Main Street's antique shops.

There are a number of antique stores on Shelbyville's Main Street, all packed with reasonably priced treasures from by-gone times. (And of course, Washington Street – just one street over – is home to the beautiful Wakefield-Scearce Galleries, selling exquisite British antiques and silver.)

Yesterday, we spent a leisurely hour wandering around the eastern-most shop, simply called: Antique Mall. There was something for everyone.

Ed found two toys that he liked: a model airplane and a broad ax.

Mary and I were both looking for a crock or tin pail in which to store our cooking utensils.

Mary also was eyeing these shoe molds.

And I was on the lookout to add to my wooden utensil collection, or maybe some new (old) napkins.

We found a hand-painted sign that would work nicely in our cottage.

And I spotted a large grindstone that would be beautiful in Maggie's bee garden.

Mary was also on the lookout for a small book case and I'm always considering starting a jug collection to display on our mantle. Ed was taken with this wooden house replica.

In the end, we left (mostly) empty-handed, committed to thinking about what we might purchase another time, on another outing. But what fun we had....

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