Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Come to Think of It

I'm pleased to announce that after four years of watching the fun I have with my blog, Ed has decided to join in – and publish his own "random quotes, thoughts, descriptions and passing fancies." I think that means: general digressions, original poetry, underappreciated movies, book reviews, and rules for living. You can read it here at Come to Think of It

I've suspected for years that Ed has been writing on the sly; but only recently did he get a new laptop computer and begin the process of organizing his notes. He has written a few well-received guest posts on my blog about life on the farm (see herehere, and here). And of course, his three-part post on our rainy trip to France: (see here, here and here). But this marks the first time he strikes out on his own.

I hope you will check out his blog and sign up to follow it. I know I'm curious about what goes on in that mind of his. Maybe after 28 years of marriage I'll find out.

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