Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Happy Trails

It's been hot at Farm Dover this week. Hot. Hot. Hot. We get out early in the morning to weed the garden or the walnut field, mow the grass, water the little trees. By late morning, we are ready to head into the house or into the shade of the woods.

And as of this week, we have a new trail that winds its way through the woods at the back of our farm. Ed cut part of it on the mower and then bushwhacked the rest. I came along behind him with the weed whipper. And now we have a beautiful trail that winds its way from our back yard, through the woods, over the creek, and up to the upper field. Come along and hike it with me.

Head out across the back yard.

And hang a left just past the pawpaw trees. The field on your left is full of black-eyed susans and pink coneflowers.  The bee hives are just on the other side of it. You might see a dozen or so gold finch take flight above the grasses and wild flowers.

Slip into the woods and feel the coolness of them. Check out the wildflowers and the moss that grows on the fallen tree trunks. Look carefully and you might see an indigo bunting or common yellowthroat.

Hop across the creek and head up the hill that runs along the back fence line. Listen for the woodpecker's pecking or the red-winged blackbird's trill.

Keep going. Walk underneath the canopy of oaks. Cardinals and jays flit overhead.

And then take a right and step over the log between two osage orange trees. Stay clear of the poison ivy on each side of the path. As you walk along, don't be surprised if you scare up a flock of wild turkey.

Keep going, almost to the clearing. You can see where deer have been lying in the tall grass.

 And then take a left. Stay watchful for coyote pups or raccoons.

And follow the trail to where it comes out at the upper field. You'll pass plenty of blackberries, not yet ripe for picking.

Turn right and follow the trail over the pond's dam and back to the house. Listen for the bobwhite calling from the native grass field on your left.

Let me know if you would rather take an actual hike of our new trail. Be happy to have you hike with me.

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