Saturday, May 2, 2015

Leave it to my boys

Leave it to my boys to travel halfway around the world and meet the same woman. Let me explain.

During the early spring of 2014 Ed and I traveled to China to see Jack in Shenzhen and then flew on to northern Guangxi (south central China), landing in Guilin. From there we took a boat down the Li River, getting off at Yangshuo, a small river town. While there, we hiked up to Moon Hill. It was a hot and humid day and we were awfully glad to rest at the top and even more glad to make friends with a tiny old woman who hikes to the top every morning, carrying a cooler full of bottled water, which she sells to thirsty tourist.

Unable to communicate in a common language, we still figured out how to buy a bottle of water, sign our name and hometown in a little notebook the woman carries with her, and take a photo.  She instructed Ed to make a peace sign.

Fast forward 14 months and Jack travels 350 miles by bus, bikes out in the countryside,  and stops to hike up Moon Hill where he meets the same woman, who wants her photo made with this second very tall Westerner. Jack posted the photo this morning on Instagram.

Like father/like son.

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