Friday, May 29, 2015

Home again, home again, jiggety jig

Last night at 8:46 we pulled into our drive after 6032 miles and 23 days exploring the Great American West. Our travels took us through Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and home to Kentucky.

We began our trip with a stop in Austin, TX to watch Maggie and her UofL MBA team make its presentations in the Venture Labs Investment Competition. (In case you haven’t already heard me brag: they won the whole shebang!)

From there we wound our way over to Santa Fe (NM), Chaco Canyon Cultural National Park (NM), Canyon de Chelly National Monument (AZ), Bryce Canyon National Park (UT), Capitol Reef National Park (UT), Arches National Park (UT), and the Big Hole Country (MT). From Dillion (MT), we turned east – toward home – stopping at Yellowstone National Park (WY), Devils Tower National Monument (WY), and Custer State Park (SD). Our last stop was yesterday morning at the Truman Presidential Museum in Independence, MO.

Along the way, we camped a number of nights, stayed in a yurt, a couple of cabins, a great western lodge, and (reluctantly) a couple of Comfort Inns. We hiked. We bird watched. We fly fished. We picnicked. We stargazed. And we drove. We drove a lot.

I love these rambling adventures of ours. This one was full of spectacular vistas, out-of-nowhere snow and hail storms, haunting hoodoos, black bears, buffaloes, and crackling campfires.

But, truth be told, I also love coming home. Home to my bed. To my garden. To my trails. To my kitchen. Home to my friends and family.

Here’s a handful of photos. I’ll put up more later this week.

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