Sunday, May 25, 2014

Turning a House into a Home

We shape our dwellings, and afterwards, our dwellings shape us. 
– Winston Churchill

Do you remember moving into the first house you owned? And the first nights you spent there? Do you remember how exciting it was – to own your own home and to make it just the way you want it? And then to begin creating memories of life in that place? 

Maggie and Nate moved into their new home today – or at least, they began their move. They had some help from Ed, Mary, friend Stuart, Nate's sister and me. And tomorrow, Nate's parents are showing up along with some "heavy-lifter" friends. We moved several car and truck loads and Maggie and I worked on organizing their kitchen. 

Their home is beautiful, an early 20th century home in Germantown. They've got Wiltshire Pantry, one of Louisville's best bakeries just down the street on the left and Seidenfaden's Cafe just down the street on the right, with the Come Back Inn two blocks further down. A bike lane on their street leads them staight downtown, where they both work. 

Maggie and Nate have plans for painting, floor refinishing, backyard gardening and beekeeping, woodworking, remodeling, and lots of porch sitting. Here's to hoping that they love shaping their new home and are, in turn, shaped by it. 

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