Sunday, May 11, 2014

The nicest weekend

I had the nicest Mother's Day weekend. Maggie came out yesterday to help with my garden, but we cut our time short to go capture a wild bee hive that was found in a cut-down maple tree (more later). Mary came out late on Saturday afternoon. Both girls were around for a cheese burger dinner. This morning, Jack sent me a song that he wrote and sang for me. I tried to link it here, but haven't figured out yet how to add an i-tunes link. Here's the first verse.  You get the idea...

Mama, happy mother's day. 
I hate to be away. 
But I'm thinking just of you 
and the way that you look 
and the things that you cook.

Today, Mary's boyfriend John came out to help us put a fence up around my big garden, and Maggie and Nate came out to check on her bees. All stayed for another Mother's Day dinner. It was so nice to sit around the table with them.

They just left. Mary back to Lexington. John, Maggie and Nate back to Louisville. Maggie leaves for China on Tuesday morning. She will get to visit with Jack for a couple of days before meeting up with U of L business school students and teachers for a tour of Korea and and China. The day she gets back, she and Nate are moving into a beautiful new home in the Highlands.

They all lead such exciting lives. I'm just glad they come to spend some time with Ed and me at Farm Dover. It was a very happy mother's day.

My days of being hands-on with parenting my kids is long gone. But, it is fun to look back and remember when... I do love them dearly.

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