Monday, April 14, 2014

Staying One Step Ahead of Mother Nature

Snow is predicted for tonight and a low tomorrow night of 28. I've covered my strawberries, pea shoots, radishes, lettuce, monster fern, and one apple tree that is flowering. I've got my fingers crossed that the rest of the fruit trees will survive the freeze. I brought some wood up to the porch so that we can have one last fire before we clean out the ashes for the season.

On my walk today, I picked a huge bouquet of daffodils. I was worried the cold and frost would snap them. Most of the blossoms were ones from the bulbs that Maggie, Jack and Mary helped me plant even before we moved to Farm Dover. Like the oaks leaves that I collected last fall, I was amazed at the variety that blooms in our woods and along the lake bank.

Not only are they beautiful, but their fragrance has filled our home. I don't like the smell of paperwhites, but the combination that sits on our dinner table smells lovely.

These daffodils seem to bloom late in the season and, once picked, last for days and days. I'm hoping these will stay fresh for our Easter table. So even if it turns to winter outside, we've got spring blasting inside.

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