Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Say "hello" to the newest Farm Dover residents

There's a very protective mama robin that sits on her nest for 23+ hours a day. Her nest is tucked into one of the bushes just outside our front door.

I've been following her maternal pursuits since April 11, when she laid the first of her beautiful blue eggs. (I can't seem to find the photo I took of her nest with its lonely egg). For the next three days, she laid another single, perfect egg. And then she sat, and sat, and sat, keeping her eggs warm and rotating them with her beak every day. Only flying off for a moment or two to grab a bite to eat.

Today when I checked on her, she was out finding worms for four very hungry chicks. Her mate is always close by, keeping watch over his flock and warning the mama if anything threatens to harm her or her little ones.

Welcome to Farm Dover. May you spend many happy days here.

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