Sunday, September 29, 2013

83 Years Young

My dad (otherwise known as Honey) turns 83 this week. He celebrated at Farm Dover today with his wife (my mom), all his girls (4), their husbands (4), and 8 of his 11 grandchildren, one grandson-in-law, and Maggie's boyfriend. We had gathered to honor Honey, who is the youngest 83-year-old, ever. He's up exercising at the crack of dawn, he hits balls or plays golf daily, before walking a couple of miles at the mall and then heading home to take care of my mom. I wish I had his energy.

Opening cards

It was the largest crowd that we have hosted here at Farm Dover. Somehow, I came up with enough coffee mugs, plates, forks and glasses to serve up a brunch.

This morning I harvested zuchini, tomatoes, kale, and herbs from the garden and combined them with ricotta cheese into three different frittatas. Added a coffee cake, bacon, biscuits, sweet potato muffins, a platter of sliced tomatoes, and fresh pineapple with honey yogurt.

Voila!: Brunch is served.

The Carpenter Girls
Dad and his sons-in-law
Grandkids out on the back porch.

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