Saturday, April 16, 2011

Don't Worry, Bee Happy

We were all a buzz early this morning as Nate and his dad, Doug, were headed our way with two bee hives and hundreds (thousands?) of honey bees.

Maggie has enthusiastically taken up beekeeping and we have enthusiastically volunteered to be the landlord for her bees. Doug has been an apiarist for years and was most encouraging to Maggie.  

They arrived early this morning with hives in the back of their truck. We waited for a break in the morning showers and then unloaded the hives and bees and set them up just in back of the cottage.

As Maggie's birthday is upcoming, Doug and Nate also brought Maggie her very own table saw, which they set up in our basement. So, I guess we are landlords for a table saw as well.

And Nate's mom sent along a Madame Alexander doll that she thought Maggie might like. She was right. The doll is called: Maggie Goes Green. How perfect.

So, our thanks to Nate, Doug and Lisa for showering Maggie (and us) with their expertise, time and gifts. If all goes as planned, here's what friends and family can expect for future gifts:


  1. Wow! One month and already a thousand pets! I'm looking forward to some Maggie honey!


  2. Nice blog post! The bees should be a lot of fun. You'll start noticing them in the garden and around the farm - they do their quiet work every day, gathering all the natural stuff that goes into the honey that you'll be enjoying this fall (or summer, if the early season is productive). It was a pleasure to spend Saturday morning at Farm Dover with the Galloway clan.

    Nate P