Wednesday, March 30, 2011

That "New" Feeling

Our new home feels so new: the way the light comes into our bedroom in the morning, the smell of new wood and new paint, the unfamiliarity of which wall switch turns on which light. Everytime I walk in the door, I smile. I know it won't last long and soon I won't pay attention to all the details that capture my attention, but for now, I'm loving it.

This week I've been trying to balance my desire to stay at home and unpack boxes with my realization that my clients' patiences are wearing thin. Because we still don't have full Internet, I've made two all-day trips into town this week to do some real work. Sure hope that cell tower gets built quickly...

Each room still needs lots of attention, but I thought I show you how the family room is shaping up. It is missing a coffee table. The one I had chosen is back ordered until late April, so I'm hoping I can find a replacement. And our books aren't quite organized how we want them. But here's a look at how the art adds to the room. We chose a grouping of our acrylic or oil paintings, mostly by unschooled artists, to feature above the bookcases.  I love the way they all seem to go together, maybe its the bright colors, or as Maggie pointed out, perhaps it is because most of the portraits are of red heads!

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