Saturday, December 18, 2010

He Says; She Says

Part 4 - France 2010

Okay, if you've been reading these recent entries of our trip to France, I'm concerned that you may get a distorted view of our trip. Ed's entries can be summed up as: It rained. We got lost. We got locked in a museum. So, I'm taking over, because other than getting lost, getting wet and having to break out of a museum, the trip was splendid.

After Quimper, we headed south to the Dordogne and to the house in St. Jean de Cole that we would call home for the next seven days. We met up with Jackie and Paul and Shawna and Bruce, friends from home. The house, lovingly restored by former Louisvillians Jim and Mary Oppel, was so welcoming that I didn't care if it rained nonstop for another week. Our bedroom featured a fireplace in the bedroom as well as one in the bath. Rather than tell you about the house, I'll give you a tour:

Kitchen: looking out to the back arbor

Kitchen: dining table

One of the bedrooms

Living room

The back arbor
(actually, this photo was taken in the summertime and sent to us by a friend.)

The village was equally charming. If a complaint could be made it was that the town's bell tower was just across the street from the house and so every hour/half hour the bells tolled for us. A Tylenol P.M. did the trick for me. I'd hear the eleven o'clock bell and then the 7 a.m. one. In between, I didn't hear a thing.  Ed got so used to the bells that he complained when we got back to Paris that he never could tell what time it was.
St. Jean de Cole. The tallest building is the clock tower.

The Cole runs through the village
Foie gras, a regional specialty, in the making

to be continued...

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