Saturday, December 4, 2010

Am I Designing a House? Or a Lifestyle?

One of the things about designing and building a house from the ground up is that it can be anything you want. The sky's the limit (well, maybe tempered by the budget). What I really love most about the process is imagining our life on the farm. I wonder if I will take on the characteristics of the house or if I will just putter along being who I've always been. For example, I wonder if I design a house that is smart and authentic, will I become smart and authentic? If I live on a farm, will I become a farmer? And if I design a beautiful and well organized pantry, will I become beautiful and well organized?

Ahh! a pantry -- one that is large enough to walk into and designed so that I can see all the items on the shelves -- that's the stuff of my dreams. I think I'm as excited about our new pantry as I am about our guest cottage. Just as I imagine friends and family coming for visits and loving a stay in the cottage, I imagine a pantry, well stocked and organized. Rows of jars of green beans and tomatoes home-grown and canned; a dozen kind of Rancho Gordo beans displayed in antique mason jars; a collection of Fiestaware pitchers in a variety of colors all lined up on an open shelf. Rather than close the door and hope that nobody will peek inside, I want to have a pantry that I can leave the door open and it looks like a work of art.

Here are three photos that I found on my favorite design site: that illustrate this dream of mine.

Dream pantry #1

Dream pantry #2
Dream pantry #3
No harm in dreaming...right?

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