Friday, July 1, 2016

My favorite lunch

Ed had to go to town today for a meeting, so I puttered around in the garden and house. Before he left, he helped me dig up one row of garlic. It really is a two-person job. He digs, I pull.

At 1 p.m. I realized that I should figure out what we were going to eat for lunch. I found a jar of dried pasta in the pantry, put some water on to boil, and then headed out to the garden with basket in hand.

  • I dug up two carrots. 
  • Untangled two cucumbers from the climbing vine.
  • Snipped off two tiny zuchinni and four tiny patty pan squash.
  • Harvested the first of the cherry tomatoes.
  • Pried one shallot from the earth.
  • Gathered a handful of basil, dill and parsley.
Came back in and dumped the pasta into the salted boiling water. Mixed together some white wine vinegar, olive oil, a bit of honey and some salt and pepper. And then began chopping my way through my harvest. 

Ten minutes later, the pasta was al dente. I found a few crumbles of feta cheese in the fridge and added them to a bit of the pasta water to make a sauce. I divided the pasta between our two bowls. Then added the chopped vegetables and poured the vinaigrette on top. 

Voila. Lunch was ready just as Ed pulled back in the drive. 

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