Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bringing light to Farm Dover

My sisters and cousins were coming for lunch today. But based on an alarming weather forecast, we decided to postpone it until next week. Snow was on its way.

I had the whole day stretching out in front of me. Too cold and snowy to work outside. Time for a project...

I had beeswax from Maggie's hives in my pantry. I had recently rendered lard in my freezer. And I had some left-over spice tins. So, like a pioneer of olden days, I made candles.

It was simple: I melted twice as much beeswax as lard and poured it into a tin with a wick. Let it harden for 30 minutes. Done.

I now have five clean-burning, sweet-smelling, all-natural candles that will bring light to Farm Dover on these early dark nights.

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