Friday, July 10, 2015

Making Traditions

For the past three summers Cousin Glenda has been bringing two of her grandchildren out to Farm Dover. This year, their little cousin Frances joined them.

Ed and I were in town for most of the day Wednesday, so when our visitors got here, the first thing we needed to do was bake a peach pie for our dessert that evening. While Frances counted out six peaches, Julia cracked the egg and Nathan peeled the peaches. In no time at all, the pie was in the oven and we headed out to the garden.

The kids sampled nasturtium blossoms, raw green beans and okra. They harvested squash and zucchini; they dug potatoes; and carefully picked a white eggplant. They checked out the pumpkins --which are getting bigger by the day.

We hiked through the woods and over the waterfall, looking carefully for a long list of items that were on their scavenger hunt list.

I showed them a catalpa worm with wasp eggs on it. We all agreed, it was kinda gross. We left it on the ground to make its way home.

We dined on BBQ on the back porch and played some ping pong. It was time to go home before we got to do all the things we wanted to do. Oh well, they will just have to come back next summer – after all: it's tradition!

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