Friday, December 26, 2014

We went walking...

Fact: 21 of the last 26 days have been cloudy or rainy. Fact: today the sun was out, and so were we.

Mary flies back to her life in the big city tomorrow morning, but for today, she was a country girl out for a walk around Farm Dover with her mom and dad.

Ed, Mary and I struck out for a walk this morning. We checked on Maggie's beehives, headed down to the abandoned wicker table and followed the stream to the property line, climbed up the hill and made our way through some brambles to the trail on the other side of the pond. We circled round the upper field and then cut through the secret path Ed cut for me this fall. We crossed the pond at the limestone waterfall and followed the trail around to the front field, then cut across the drive to the hackberry tree. There we paused for a father/daughter photo.

From there, we showed Mary the new apple trees that we planted since she moved away. We jumped the creek and headed to top field and then took the path over to our neighbor Bobby's farm before jumping the creek back over to our trail. A red tail hawk swooped down low across the field and a pair of cardinals flittered from branch to branch of a locust tree.

We followed the path on the far side of our fields, cut through the walnut tree field and showed Mary our recent attempt at creating a Christmas Tree Lane. We then took the trail to the right and walked the property line between our farm and Bobby's, finishing at our front gate, where we paused for a mother/daughter photo.

We then turned toward home and made out way up the drive.

These are the times I treasure. Walking. Talking. Listening. Looking. Connecting.

Come back soon, Mary. We miss you already.

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