Saturday, September 27, 2014

Call us "irresponsible"

We've been away from home for a month. There is grass to cut, weeds to pull, laundry to do, camping gear to clean up, mail to open, bills to pay, etc., etc.

So how do we spend our day? We head to the LaGrange Farmers Market to wander around, then slip into the LaGrange Coffee Roasters for a latte, drive up to Starview Nursery for a look around, then head cross country to the tiny town of Pleasantville to check out a new cafe for lunch, stop by Mulbery Orchards for some apples and cider, head home, but first stop to marvel at the clouds and an old barn full of tobacco.

Yep, you can call us irresponsible – throw in undependable, too – and we won't disagree...

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