Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hanging Out the Upstairs Window

I leaned as far as possible out the upstairs window to take a quarterly panoramic shot of our back yard.

I was hoping to prove that our backyard trees had grown in the past year. Here's the scene from last July:

Hard to say. I know the trees are bigger, but I may need to take these photos over a longer time period to reflect the change. Check back in about a decade.

Anyway, the farm is in its summer glory with fields ablaze with wildflowers, blackberries ripening on brambles, hydrangea bushes in bloom, and nasturtiums spilling out of the raised garden box. Here are some shots from this morning.

What I'm not showing you is the waist high weeds that have taken over a portion of my garden. If you want to see those, you will have to come out – but then I might hand you a hoe....

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