Monday, June 16, 2014

Harvest 1

I've been documenting the harvest from Farm Dover this year. I'm interested in remembering what comes to fruition when. The harvest was lean for the longest time this spring, but it is gaining momentum now; everyday there is more and more to gather.

Not all comes from the garden; some I forage from the woods, some I gather from the planted fields, some I pluck from the wooden whiskey barrels on the back porch. But nearly everyday, I'm out looking for something to harvest – either for our dinner or as a feast for our eyes. Here's what I've found so far...

March 28: Lenten Rose
April 13: daffodils
April 13: ramps
April 13: dandelions
April 21: asparagus
May 9: radishes
May 20: baby russian kale, baby bibb lettuce, pea pods, and strawberries
May 21: strawberries
May 23: coreopsis
May 24: kale and strawberries
May 25: sage leaves and flowers
May 27: strawberries
May 28: strawberries
June 2: winter wheat
June 2: strawberries and peas
June 3: honey berries
June 4: peas
June 5: kale
June 15: garlic ramps
June 16: new potatoes
June 16: elderberry flowers (for infusing lemonade)

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