Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Most Favorite Gift

We had a very nice Christmas here at Farm Dover (other than missing Jack terribly). We slept fairly late on Christmas morning, making the kids wait on the steps in their pjs for the green light to come downstairs. (Yes, I know these kids are totally grown up, but they humor me on occassion, and I appreciate it.)

We opened our gifts, one by one, ohh-ing and ahh-ing over each one. I loved each of my gifts, but I wanted to show you one of my most favorite ones. It came from daughter Mary. It is a simple block of reclaimed pine wood with an angled slit in it. A dozen instgram photographs taken at Farm Dover fit in the slot and I can change the top most one every day, giving me a revolving view of the farm. 

Here's a look at the some of the photos I can chose to be on top.

I love it. The photos are square, printed on a thick matte stock. Mary ordered my gift from Artifact Uprising, an online company that offers photo books, postcards, wooden boxes and the wood block and prints that I was given. Here's the tag line from Artifact Uprising: 

ARTIFACT UPRISING // inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible
/ bettered by a community of inspired 
/ driven by the belief everyone has a story 
to tell. Tell On.           

My gift from Mary tells the story of Farm Dover in images, in all its seasons. I'll treasure it always. Thank you, Mary.

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