Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I wanted to show you two things -- both having to do with being upside-down. The first is a half of a photo of an upside-down peach and cornmeal cake that I made last night. (It's just a half of a picture because I served it up before I decided it was photo-worthy). This cake is remarkable for a couple of  reasons. One, I made it – remarkable in that I rarely bake anything.

And two, it was delicious. I found the recipe on The Yellow House, one of my favorite blogs. The author, a gifted writer, describes her blog as about living well in a way that is unfussy. I like that.

I've recently been experimenting with a gluten-free diet, so I substituted an all purpose G-F flour, but otherwise followed the recipe exactly (hard for me to do). I made it my cast iron skillet, the one pan that I consider indispensible. Once baked, I flipped it upside-down and out it came! It tasted like a warm sweet corn muffin with peach jam on top (or is it on the bottom?). Very unfussy.

The second upside-down thing I want to show you is a bowl that Ed bought me when we stopped at a Farmers' Market in Tifton, GA on our way home from our family fishing trip. Here's a picture of it (in front) filled with the peaches that I used to make the upside cake.

The artist (an older fellow in overalls) that we bought it from told us he calls it his turtle bowl, because when turned upside down, it reminded him of a turtle. Sure enough.

Here's a photo of it right-side-up.

So, it can be a bowl, or a turtle. I like that.

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