Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Middle of the Roaders

As you may recall, we recently found one nest of four killdeer eggs on the edge of our driveway and marked it so visitors would drive around the nest. I thought it was exceedingly silly for a mama bird to build her nest on the drive's edge.

We knew that another pair of killdeer were nesting somewhere toward the end of the driveway. Ed was planning to cut the grass today and we both were concerned that he might run over the nest if this mama was as irresponsible as the last. So, we have been watching carefully to see if we could find the nest. It's a bit like playing hide-and-seek. As soon as the mama sees us, she starts running down the drive and once we are far from her nest, she takes off, circling back to her nest. The eggs/nest are perfectly camoflaged so even if we are looking closely, we may not see it. We looked and looked, along both edges of the drive. Then we saw the mama move from the center of the drive and we zeroed in on her nest. Sure enough, she built it smack in the center of our driveway. What was she thinking!

See it?

Here's an upclose view. See it now?

So we put four buckets around the nest and hope that people coming and going from Farm Dover will drive around them.

I hope these silly birds appreciate how hard we are working to help them birth their babies.

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