Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Walk Through the Garden on a Summer's Eve

So much is happening in our garden these days. Baby carrots are turning into unruly teenaged ones; big, round beets are being harvested and roasted daily; spinach is growing faster than I can pick it; the cilantro and parsley are threatening to bolt on me; the 27 tomato plants are bearing hundreds of green tomatoes and some are beginning to show signs of turning red – long before the 4th of July; the tiny basil plants that I put in the raised bed just two weeks ago are soaking up the sunshine and showing signs of robustness; and the sunflowers grow half a foot every day, I swear.  To top it all off, this evening, I harvested my first crop of garlic.

Here's a look around.

My cutting garden: the zinnias are growing so fast that you don't see the weeds underneath!

Despite the dirt, you can just smell an Italian meal in the making...

The first summer squash. I suspect in a week's time, I'll have squash galore.
I didn't really expect any raspberries this first season,
but looks like Ed will have enough to top a bowl of ice cream.
Maggie brought me three ground cherry plants to experiment with.
The tomoato-like plants produce small, orange fruit covered in papery husk.

Before popping into your mouth, you peel back the husk from the ground cherry.
The flavor is a pleasant tomato/pineapple-like blend.
Note to self: buy bacon. Almost BLT season.

The sunflowers are taller than me.

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